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Maxent HDTVs

Maxent is no longer producing HDTVs.

Maxent Discontinued Displays
ML-3251HLT ML-32HLT21 ML-3731HLT
ML-37HLT21 ML-42HLM20 MX-32X3
MX-37X3 MX-42EPM20 MX-42HPM20
MX-42HPM30 MX-42HPT51 MX-42V1
MX-42VM10 MX-42VM11 MX-42VM7
MX-42X1 MX-42X3 MX-42XL11
MX-42XM11 MX-42XP10 MX-5020HPM
MX-50HPT51 MX-50X1 MX-50X2
MX-50X3 MX-50X5 MX-58HPT51


Maxent is no longer producing displays. Last known business locations are shown and may no longer exist.

Maxent USA
1208 John Reed Court
City of Industry, CA, 91745
United States
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