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Panasonic PT-61LCX65 Projection TV (PT61LCX65)

61" diagonal, 16:9, $2,999 MSRP Add to Compare List

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Panasonic PT-61LCX65 Projection TV

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HDTVs and Monitors
  Display (Show Metric Units)
Screen Size 61" Diagonal
Display Technology Projection
Light Engine LCD
Resolution 1280x720
Pixel Pitch      **
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Contrast Ratio      **
Brightness 360 cd/m2
Displayable Colors      **
Viewing Angle      **
Display Life      **
Response Time      **
Screen Filter Anti-Glare
Color System NTSC, ATSC
Formats 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i
S-Video 4-pin DIN (2 sets) Back
Composite RCA (2 sets) Back
Component (HDTV) 3 RCAs (3 sets) Back
Tuner Co-ax Back
CableCard   Back
MemoryCard   Back
S-Video 4-pin DIN Front
Composite RCA Front
VGA In 15-Pin Dsub Front
Bezel Color Black
Power Supply 120V - 120V
Power Consumption 180 Watts
Standby Power      **
Dimensions (W x H x D)
(without stand or speakers)
56.1" x 40.5" x 18.4"
Weight 101.4 lbs.
Speakers 15.0 W × 2
FCC Class FCC Class B, Home Use
Warranty 1 year
MSRP $2,999
Production Status Out of Production
Last Ship Date Oct 2006
  Additional Features
3D Picture Support      **
3:2 Pull Down Yes
V-Chip Yes
Closed Captioning Yes
Picture-In-Picture Yes
** this item is either not applicable, unpublished, or unknown
  Panasonic's Description
Shown with optional stand.

More Than Just a TV—Web Browsing and PC Gaming
The PC inputs on our LCD projection TVs make them ideal for use as large multimedia monitors. Connect a PC and experience web surfing, gaming, and even DVD playback using a large, crisp, high-resolution display.

View Digital Programming Without A Cable Box
Panasonic LCD Projection HDTVs with CableCARD slots can accept a small card that allows you to receive standard definition and high definition digital broadcasts—no bulky set-top cable box. Contact your cable company to find out if they offer this service in your area.

Receive Over-The-Air HDTV Broadcasts
Sports, movies, and original network programming are all available in high definition from many local broadcasters. Receive and view local over-the-air broadcasts on this TV in stunning HDTV clarity using the built-in HDTV tuner1. If your cable company passes through HDTV broadcasts from local broadcasters, you can decode and tune those as well.

A Single Cable Carries High-Quality Digital Audio and Video If you have even a moderately complicated home theater setup, you probably have a pile of tangled cables on the floor behind it. Imagine replacing all those cables with a single cable that carries both digital video and audio at the same time. With the new HDMI standard, that's exactly what you get. The HDMI connector on this TV accepts high-quality digital video and audio via the same thin cable, allowing you to run one cable from the source to the TV.

Share Digital Photos On the Big Screen with Photo Viewer
The best images you can ever view on a Panasonic LCD Projection TV don't have anything to do with HDTV. Share your JPEG photos taken with a Lumix® digital camera on a Panasonic LCD Projection TV using the built-in SD card slot2. Simply insert the SD card, which is about the size of a postage stamp, into the SD slot on the TV and enjoy a photo slideshow.

A Cinema-Style Viewing Experience At Home
This widescreen TV features a width-to-height ratio similar to movie theater screens, providing a theater-like experience at home. View HDTV broadcasts and widescreen DVDs the way they were meant to be seen.

Crisp, Lifelike Details
HDTV broadcasts and DVDs offer more detail and better color than analog broadcasts, and it takes a high-resolution display to deliver all that picture information. The high pixel count of this LCD projection display provides fine detail for outstanding HDTV reproduction. More pixels also translate into less stair-stepping artifacts; curved and diagonal edges look smooth and natural.

Select Video Inputs Directly
A lot of TVs force you to cycle through every single video input in sequence. With modern TVs accepting more and more video inputs, you end up pushing the "video" button five or six times before you get to the source you want to watch. This TV lets you select video inputs directly so you can jump right to the input you need.

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