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Queue It Up Sherlock Dick De Jong
July 9, 2011
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Queue It Up Luther

For those just tuning in to this column which I have dubbed "Queue It Up," I am sharing some of my Netflix Watch Instantly favorites. For the first installment I suggested the new BBC/Masterpiece Mystery retelling of Sherlock Holmes.

With my second pick, I am not straying too far from Holmes. In fact, DCI John Luther is also a detective based in London. And both he and Holmes can be obsessive in their pursuit.

Though while Holmes often stands at a distance observing and deducing, Luther jumps in head and heart first, embroiling himself with the criminals.

With a cocked head constantly looking for the angle, Idris Elba imbibes his confounded and conflicted character. And he is surrounded by a great supporting cast including Warren Brown and Indira Varma.

Queue It Up Luther

But the true gem is Ruth Wilson inhabiting Alice Morgan, one of the most deliciously cold-blooded murderers that I have seen on TV. She sends shivers down your spine while charming your socks off.

Season One is comprised of six engrossing one-hour episodes. I was hooked in the first five minutes and I thought I showed great discipline in not watching them all in one sitting.

As a bonus, the season ends with one of the best lines ever - understated but so apropos.

Gladly, the BBC has announced the second season of Luther with four new episodes that will be broadcast this fall on BBC America.

For my next pick, I'm highlighting a movie that came and went from the movie theaters too quickly.

Stay tuned.

(Editor's Note: If you have suggestions for this Queue It Up feature, leave a comment below.)

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