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Samsung UN48H5500 Review
48" LED Smart TV, $749


With the H5500 Series, the Samsung engineers did not include all of the highfalutin display technologies that they integrate into their top of the line models but this working class TV's picture quality is quite satisfactory.

Is there a difference between its picture and that of the belles of the ball. You bet. The 48H5500's black levels, color reproduction and contrast are not as consistently excellent as Samsung's more expensive HDTVs.

Samsung UN48H5500

With that said, with a little minor tweaking, the 48H5500 produces a perfectly fine picture that - for most of you - will make you feel money-wise about your purchase.

Which is good because you should spend a little extra dough for a sound bar. The 48H550's audio is not up to the standards of the picture. To be fair, most TVs that I have reviewed exhibit a similar audio inequality.

Samsung UN48H5500 Music

Improving the audio of this 48-inch TV with an appropriately sized sound bar (+ subwoofer) will enhance your overall viewing experience.


To reach a certain lower price point with the 48H5500, Samsung has stripped away many of the higher end features found in their top of the line models. This TV's picture quality is still quite good and is much easier to use.

The 48H5500 may not have the pizzazz or size to make it your event TV but this Smart TV definitely could serve admirably as an everyday mainstay.

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