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Samsung UN55H8000AFXZA Review
55" Curved LED 3D Smart TV, $2899


The Samsung engineers have employed a battalion of display technologies in the H8000 series, among them Micro Dimming Ultimate, Wide Color Enhancer Plus and the aforementioned Auto Depth Enhancer.

Despite the buzzy names, they do produce an "enhanced" picture. To my eye, not always subtle, but the result is never over the top (except in Dynamic mode) and is consistently excellent.

Samsung UNH8000

I'm not convinced that the curved screen adds a noticeable improvement to the TV's picture quality. Maybe I could perceive a difference with the 65-inch model, when sitting at just the right spot, but with this 55-incher, not so much.

Even though I am not a fan of active shutter 3D glasses, the 3D playback on this Samsung is admirable. The glasses, even with the battery, are extremely lightweight and comfortable.

As for audio, despite the addition of two 10W woofers to the common pair of 10W speakers integrated in the 55H8000, the audio fidelity does not do the picture quality justice.

The sound is O.K. for general viewing purposes, but I believe that all TV manufacturers, not just Samsung, have decided to offload audio to sound bars, sound plates, and HTIBs (home theater in a box).

Samsung UN55H8000 Music

In fact, with a high end TV like this, I would recommend a dedicated 5.1 or 7.1 audio system. Your ears will smile upon you.


With the 55H8000, Samsung improves on the already formidable picture quality of last year's top of the line model. I also believe that by reimagining their Smart Hub, they have made all the apps and features more accessible.

I'm still not convinced that the display's curve adds any noticeable improvement to my viewing pleasure, but that subtle arc sure is cool.

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