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Samsung UN65HU9000FXZA TV Review3

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Samsung 65HU9000 Review
65" Curved LED 3D UHD 4K Smart TV, $4299


I'm amazed at how quickly I became accustomed to watching this 65-inch Ultra HD TV. I owe this in part to its consistently great picture quality.

Occasionally, I would be slapped back to reality. For example, when I walked into the room and from a distance, I was struck by how damn big this screen is. I remember when I first saw a 65-inch Pioneer TV at a tradeshow and it was huuuuge.

Samsung UNH8000

Or sometimes when I see a bright contrasty shot, the detail will just jump out at me. And this is in Movie mode.

Importantly, the HU9000 performed at this high level with both native 4K content and HD material that it was upscaling to 4K. I am impressed.

Now, I will admit that sometimes the picture in dark scenes was a bit blocky and noisy. But I realized that occurred when playing back content from my DVR.

Back when I first started reviewing HDTVs, I would state that there was only so much magic that the high definition TV could perform with upscaling sketchy standard definition content. That axiom still holds true with Ultra HD TVs upscaling HD content.

This is the second curved TV that I have reviewed and I'm still not a believer that the slight arc improves picture quality. Give me the same TV technology in a 65-inch flat screen and I'll happily pocket the price difference.

I'm not sure if it was the size of the screen or how close I was sitting (5 feet) or the upscaled 3D image (probably a combination of the three), but I was delighted with the HU9000's 3D playback of Brave.

As for audio, the addition of two 10W woofers produced a deeper fuller sound then the pair of 10W speakers could normally muster.

Samsung UN55H8000 Music

But come on, we're dealing with a 65-inch Ultra HD TV. It deserves better audio. Even Samsung acknowledges that with the HW-H450 sound bar that they include in the bonus package mentioned previously.

Even then, come on, think about springing for one of those new Dolby Atmos sound systems. The 65HU9000 has earned it.


The Samsung 65HU9000 UHD TV produces consistently excellent picture quality not only with 4K content but also upscaling HD sources. The 65-inch size is a sweet spot for appreciating what an Ultra HD display can offer. And the HU9000 is probably the most feature-packed TV that I have reviewed.

The HU9000's curvalicious design may not improve video performance, but the arc does attract yearning gazes.

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(11/30/21 - 07:41 AM PST)
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