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I bought a 42 inch Vizio 3 years ago.....on march 21 2011 it stopped working, It will not power on with the remote or with the button on the side of the TV. I called Vizio and there is nothing they can do. So now I have a tv I paid $1000 for that I cannot use, sell or fix. The sad part is before this one totally stopped working I bought another one for my bedroom. You can damn sure bet it is going back to the store and I apologise in advance for the poor clerk who is gonna have to process the return. They definately will not promote this product after hearing my vent. I HOPE THIS COMPANY AND THOSE MAKING THE DECISIONS FOR THIS COMPANY BURN IN HELL!!!! They make a product that they know will break in a short time and there is nothing the consumer can do about it except purchase another TV. Well you can damn sure bet it will not be from this company! I vow that if I can convince just one consumer to avoid this company I have done my job.
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