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I called and spoke with a woman this morning who suggested I write you. This question, I believe, is regarding what DVD player manufacturers refer to as the "idle time." It seems to be defined as the period of time between when an image on a DVD is "paused" using the controller and then reverts back to the player's start-up screen. In my case, using a 14- month old Samsung BD-P 1600 unit if I put on an artist's DVD which is a series of maybe 80 prints accompanied by music I would like to be able to pause or freeze on a specific image to display during dinner or for anyplace from 1-3 hours. The reasons and related points are:

1) Continuously advancing images can be disturbing to a conversation. 2) Display on a DLP TV (like our wonderful new generation Mitsubishi Diamond series 65838 unit) can be done without any screen burn in. 3) The quality of the display rivals the $5-10,000 works of back and front lit art on metal surfaces or imbedded in acrylic (like at the Peter Lik Studio in La Jolla).

So, Samsung tells me the idle time is "built in" and cannot be altered. I would like to think that Mitsubishi has been more expansive in their thinking.

At any rate, your thoughts would be much appreciated. I'm a veterinarian in Marina Del Rey, CA. If you have any pet questions I'm happy to return the favor.

Chuck Cohen Cell: (203) 824-4969 Email: cacohendvm@gmail.com
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