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So i find it sickening how many people got burned on vizio 42 inch tv's. I spent hours with the service people who dignosed the same no picture issue. they said it was most likely a bad backlight inverter. I went back to costco because it was past the one year waranty vizio laughs at us with. Then I was told that I was literally one week beyond the 2 year warranty from Costco. A month later my ex-wife commented thats why she always uses her AMEX costco card because they give you a third year waranty!!! after a long reveiw I was givin aprox. $400 dollars of the $600 paid in a refund to my AMEX! I hope this might help another poor sole who bought Vizio. So I have popped the back off of mine tonight and figure I might buy a used backlight inverter off ebay and maybe get a couple more years out of this loser tv! hhhhmmmm there is a master and a slave backlight inverters on the vizio vo42lfhdtv10a, should I flip a coin? guess I will try the slave first as that is what I felt like to the master Vizio!!! beware Kwmstuf
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