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My experience with Vizio is from a technician point of view since I run a electronics repair company in Rochester, NY. These televisions fail constantly and I hope I can help some people with their problems. For the people with no power, it is simple, you had some capacitors on your power board blow. Normally 6-12 capacitors, each about $5 or less on ebay (Radioshack sometimes carries them). Each capacitor is a two point solder job that most people armed with flux and solder and a cheepo iron can do. Next, people with power but no image/sound, you have a bad main board which is about $100 on ebay but they are going down in price as the prices of tv's drop. Or you can remove the heatsink on the main board and try reflowing the main processor. (Look up reflow on youtube). Most of our electronics that die is due to the face that we use lead free solder and that it is done in a cold solder pooling effect on new boards and not hot solder with pyramid points like the old days. Over time with heat/cold ect the solder joints break, and without reflowing you would not be able to resolder the 800+ point chip that is the main processor (or GPU on laptops/xboxs/ps3s). Basically, until we switch back to lead solder and start using quality parts (not lowest bidder garbage) then no brand is a good brand. Even my favorite brand Samsung is guilty of this, not to mention, Sony with the Bravia failures. All the internal parts of all our electronics come from the same place, there are no organic farms for better parts. - BulsCorp Electronics
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