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As I said in the caption, the image is a representation of more pixels giving a sharper image. To that point, the simulated image is not lying about resolution.

I can follow your logic that a 720p monitor should not be able to resolve the difference between 4K, 1080p and 720p, but that is not what this representation is showing.

More importantly, I'm not trying to sell anyone on one resolution over another as you can see in the Screen Resolution section when I say, "I tend to push Resolution down my list of factors for buying an HDTV because I think other characteristics are more important to my viewing satisfaction. For example, I would prefer a 720p TV that rendered skin tones well over a 1080p one that made everyone look as if they had high blood pressure. Of course, all other features being equal, I'll take the 1080p."

I hope that clarifies the issue.
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