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thx for the reply! Im finding now that my biggest issue is hearing the dialogue or having to turn down the volume when an action scene takes place becuse its too loud and full of bass. Im pairing the receiver with the Pioneer andrew jones 5.1 speakers which sound great during the day. But when night comes id like to have the volume low but still be able to hear the dialogue. Ive turned up my center channel to the max it will let me. Ive enabled night mode. Ive turned the volume on the back of my sub down all the way and turned the bass down on the equaliser. I turned the sub channel to the lowest setting for volume. And still its just way too loud. I get by with putting it in mutl stereo mode for now. That or ill just turn it off and go back to the tv speakers. But that defeats the whole point of owning all of this! Any thoughts??
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