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Just wanted to say, that i really think it could be useful in the reviews, to specify whether or not the tv being reviewed has a glossy screen, or not, since clearly some tv's do in fact have this. To me, this seems to be, and could be, a very large element of any tv, as to whether or not someone even bothers wanting the tv to begin with. For instance, i know some samsung models have the gloss, but does the 37" 550 u reviewed have it? It does not say. Nor do we know if the sony has it, which i dont think it does, but still. Shouldn't be guess work for us reading these reviews. Keep up the good work, however. You do a find job. Oh, and more thing. I wish ....the reviews were able to a go a bit deeper into the subject of BLACK LEVELS per tv, since this is a huge element of picture quality. In other words, we, the readers, do not get to see THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ONE TV'S BLACK LEVEL COMPARED TO ANOTHER TV....and i think this would help ppl make decisions if they could KNOW how one tv goes blacker than another one..etc. Anyway....keep up the good work. I enjoy reading ur reviews.
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