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I never write reviews, but I want to stand on top of a tall building and shout to everyone who is in the market for an amazing TV, to buy this Sony model.

This TV is truly the ultimate in picture quality. I looked at ever set on the market—several times—and very carefully. Nothing matches the crystal clear definition of this set. It has all the other bells & whistles, but picture quality has to be THE main consideration, I feel.

I did my homework and whittled the candidates for best 50 - 52" TV down a Samsung and Panasonic in about the same price range as the Sony ($2000) . The Panasonic is just too ugly, and its picture was not as impressive as the Sony's. The Samsung is attractive but also not in the same league as the Sony. I am puzzled by the glorious reviews these two TVs receive. Their pictures are above average, but not magnificent like the Sony.

I was leery about getting an LCD when I read that they not as good as plasmas in a dark room. But when I actually saw this TV, I wondered whether this concern applies only to other makes or models. The blacks are BLACK, darker than the Sony's charcoal black frame, and the whites are just brilliant. As for the colours, they are stunningly realistic, not overly saturated like all the other brands. That's one thing I noticed about all the Sonys; their colours are truly lifelike, not exaggerated like cartoons. I can't believe how the screen prevents any reflections from windows or lights. I have a bank of floor-to-ceiling windows in front of the TV and I see NO reflection at all! My previous flat screen plasma was terrible.

Finally, it is the first TV I have owned that I don't get lost in all the controls and settings. It is remarkably simple to use. I like the "Themes" you can immediately access from your remote which slightly alter the picture in different ways ("Music" is my default setting, but the "Sports" setting makes the image look almost 3-D (great for sports, which I seldom watch). Regarding the refresh rate issue. I watched the Grey Cup (what a game!) and couldn't spot a flaw in any motion.

Be sure to buy a BluRay player. The image and sound it delivers will cause your jaw to hit the floor. What about the regular, everyday signal, you ask? Well. I am still waiting for HD to be offered in my area of the city (yes, I know...incredible) so I am here to tell you that even the NON HD picture I currently receive is AMAZING...and I am as fussy as they come about picture quality.
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