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Got a free vizio from my brother-in-law that didn't work. It had the typical main board issues. Wouldn't turn on.. Popped it open and saw there were a few capacitors popped. Replaced them and now the tv works just fine. I'm not a tv repair man, just a handy man. The repair cost from a "professional" was over $200. I spent $6 on 4 capacitors from radio shack. I'm not doubting vizio's horrible components, but if you have any experience with electrical devices you may be able to get some more life out of your tv. Personally, I'd NEVER buy one. The components are cheap. Out of all of the capacitors I looked at, they had a lifetime rating of 1,000 - 2,000 hours. For the handy men out there, if radio shack doesn't carry what you need you can get anything from digikey.com.
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