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I have a Vizio 42GVL I bought in 06-08. In 09-08 sound came on but no picture. I contacted Vizio and they sent a repairman with a new main board. It didn't fix it so Vizio sent me a new tv. In 12-08 the picture started with the black spot. In January of 09 I couldn't stand it anymore so I called Vizio again. I had to take pictures and email them. About a week later I hadn't heard from them so I called back and was told they were sending me another tv. Two weeks ago that tv started flickering, and when I say flickering I mean it is like watching a strobe light. I called Vizio and was told it is out of warranty so there is nothing they can do. When I called the repairman Vizio recommended, they asked for the model and serial number, they came back on the line and said they were sorry it was a bad panel and they don't repair panels. I want to know how they know it is a bad panel after checking model and serial number??? Sounds like Vizio knew it was bad when it was under warranty and didn't let me know! I now have an $1100 tv,less than 2 years old, that is trash. I am contacting the BBB and will NEVER buy another Vizio! I too also warn everyone I see not to buy a Vizio.
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