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Mar 22, 2019 Steve Hagstrom from California, USA
I was referred to your company by Christie as an excellent distributor of replacement parts. I was advised to ask for Susan Williams. I called the 800 #, pressed #2 and was patched directly to Ms. Williams. I explained my situation, that the part I needed showed "out of stock". Ms. Williams was not convinced the part was out of stock. She explained that since the website was just launched, she wanted to confirm availability. The part was in fact in stock and she accepted my order over the phone. Susan Williams succeeded to locate the part I needed, despite what the website showed me. It's that dedication to customer service that makes Mendtronix and Susan Williams the Star of our Film Festival! Thank you.

Steve Hagstrom
Director of Events
Sonoma Community Center
Sonoma CA 95476
Mar 6, 2019 Ron from Georgia, USA
The Mendtronix team is the best in the business!!! Dar Pacheco went above and beyond expectations to help me handle multiple issues. We had many projectors repaired and the payment processing fell through the cracks on our end. Dar was VERY patient and was diligent in giving suggestions on getting the repair done. Oftentimes, The customer can feel like "just a number" with most tech companies, however, with team members like Dar, the customer always feels valued. I would advise anyone to try out Mendtronix's service. You will never use another company!!
Mar 5, 2019 Neal Rozelle from California, USA
Mendtronix remains the exclusive Authorized Service Center for JVC home theater projectors in the US. Their attention to detail, technical expertise and customer satisfaction continue to be excellent. Mendtronix All-Stars Susan Williams and Dar Pacheco make our alliance easy to maintain with consistently accurate, thorough and professional support and feedback. We feel fortunate to have a true partner in Mendtronix.
Feb 28, 2019 Dwight Smith from Georgia, USA
I would like to express my gratitude to the Mendtronix Team for their excellence in handling the maintenance of our stock of NEC projectors. We own a great many and it seems there is a constant stream between our shop and your Woodstock, Ga. facility.

I would like to single Dar Pacheco for her professionalism and pleasant demeanor and for her efforts in keeping us aware of any issues that may arise.

Also, Raphael and another gentleman (I will get his name on my next trip out there) are always a pleasure to deal with.

We look forward to working with Mendtronix in the future.


Dwight Smith
Quality Control Manager
Projection Presentation Technology
1701 Westfork Drive, Suite 109
Lithia Springs, Ga. 30122

Nov 5, 2018 Kevin Lail from North Carolina, USA
We have had to have a warranty related projector repaired, and I just wanted to commend this company, and specifically Darlene Pacheco. Darlene has been GREAT with keeping me updated, while being patient as we are an install company and don't get to check emails every day. The quality service from Dar and Mendtronix has me already going to use them for another projector that is broke.
Oct 31, 2018 Leonard Lamar Evans lll from Georgia, USA
While searching the internet for repair options for our Mitsubishi LCD Projector TV HC6800 we found Medtronics and Darlene (Dar) Pacheco. (The plug where the bulb connects melted). Dar explained how the electronics and the repair process worked in a language I could comprehend, we decided to send the unit for repair. Dar was an absolute pleasure to deal with - her attitude was friendly,knowledgeable, and professional. She kept in contact with us throughout the entire process, answering all questions/inquiries in a timely manner. Dar is an asset to the company especially in this age of "instant gratification".
She deserves to be recognized by her superiors for such excellent work. All who deal with the public could take a lesson from Dar by simply treating others as we wish to be treated ourselves.

Susan Shelton/lle3
Sep 27, 2018 Michael Conners from Rhode Island, USA
exceptional service. Very pleased with Susan, my contact rep throughout the repair. After they returned my projector without the original box I had sent it in, she helped locate the box and arranged for it to be sent back to me. I highly recommend Mendtronix
Sep 4, 2018 BettyJo Ferrerio / Tom Alleva from New York, USA
Just wanted to let you know that Dar (who handled our case) a service repair for a very expensive projector, was AMAZING. We needed the repair quickly because we had a client that was very upset about the projector having to be pulled and she handled everything for us and was right on top of communicating every to us every step of the way, even with a holiday weekend to contend with! We got the piece back today and the client is thrilled. Just wanted to thank you and tell you what a wonderful experience it was, thanks to Dar! and your service team :) Sincerely, BJ from Sound Ideas Inc.
Aug 13, 2018 Phillip Spencer from Georgia, USA
I sent my projector in for repair ( it was very expensive to repair but a new one was 5X more!) I had the pleasure of working with Dar Pacheco. She followed up consistently, kept me informed throughout the process, answered my emails/calls in a very timely manner and went out of her way to make sure i was a satisfied customer. working with Dar Pacheco made my work with Mendtronics a five star experience!
Aug 3, 2018 BRUCE BREWER from Illinois, USA
I was having a rough time at first, as i sent in a UF55 and found out that it could not be repaired, via the service dept and Dar Pacheco, I was offered a UF65 for the cost of fixing the UF55...and Dar even got the shipping deot. to return the bulb form my UF55, at no fee.
S, I came out quite happy in the end !! Thanks
Aug 2, 2018 Mike Quistad from Florida, USA
One of my team sent a unit for repair. In the interest of time and schedules on our side, we opted instead, to cancel the repair and quickly replace the unit. Susan Williams was incredible in her timely responses and customer relational approach. The company cheerfully worked with us on the diagnostic charge and recycled (disposed of) the unit for us. That afternoon the team membered discovered that the mounting unit was mistakenly sent with the repair. Upon this news I called Susan who was immediately able to contact ATL, recover the mount, catch UPS and overnight it to us for our install the next day. I have been Directer of Tech Arts for 11 yrs and daily handle AVL repairs. Susan and Team: this was truly an incredible customer service experience ! Thanks much !!
Jun 29, 2018 Cortlandt Bender from California, USA
I sent in one our Mitsubishi 8100U projector for repair after researching the best place for repairing out of warrantee projectors. Mendtronix was mentioned by every vender with whom I spoke.Once shipped to the San Diego facility, I received an Email confirmation from Susan Williams that it was in house and given a repair number. Within two days, i received a call from the primary technician, Danny, who asked very cogent questions and made some trouble shooting suggestions for our system to see if it was the projector flickering or an electrical problem. We went through all of his suggestions. We went a few steps further and was able to determine that the projector was not the problem after all. Mendtronix serviced and cleaned the projector. I was able to keep in touch through Susan, who was very helpful and and excellent manager of the project and communications with me. I recommend Mendtronix to anyone who is looking for a company with a sense of integrity and responsibility to their customers. Thank you Mendtronix.
Jun 1, 2018 John Waddell from Missouri, USA
Last month (April) my JVC projector became inoperable. My friend from Walbrandt Technology suggested that I have Mendtronix do the repairs. When I mailed my projector in to the repair facility I was given a consultant, her name was Susan Williams. The repair took longer then I had expected but when I had a question Susan always got back with me via email or by phone. She was very helpful, knowledgeable and considerate. My projector is up and running again and I’m thrilled. I highly recommend Mendotronix. Susan was terrific.

John Waddell
St. Charles Mo
May 25, 2018 Steve F. from California, USA
Turnaround time was less than 2 weeks for my JVC RS40. Came back better than new with factory updates. Picture is awesome!
Dec 8, 2017 Kevin Paskiet from Vermont, USA
This is our first interaction with Mendtronix and we have been very pleased with the response time.
We have been particularly impressed with Susan. Her response to questions and emails have always been timely. Without being asked she has been proactive in keeping us up to date in regards to a second unit we sent. This kind of customer service is refreshing these days!
Oct 11, 2017 Jack Dixon from Massachusetts, USA
We send gear to Mendtronix from 9 different offices for repair. The have always been timely, fair priced, and most importantly stood behind there work. I will continue to be a client.
Oct 6, 2017 tammy storm from Oregon, USA
the Mendtronix team is awesome and support all my repairs with 150% of their expertise and I would recommend them for repairs to everyone! This company is class act especially my sales person Susan Williams who updates me every step of the way on my repairs.
Oct 4, 2017 Tom Lehman from Texas, USA
I am writing this review to praise the excellent service I have received from Mendtronix on my JVC DLA-RS500U projector.

To start this off I must confess I did a bone-headed thing... I did an improper firmware update to my 8 month old projector and rendered it inoperable. It was nobodies fault but my own. So even though the projector was technically under warranty I was fully prepared to pay for service.

I was able to communicate directly with the President of Mendtronix and through him and my account rep Monique the projector was quickly repaired and all issues concerning cost of repair were quickly resolved and satisfied.

The service and consideration I received from Steve and Monique went FAR BEYOND the level of communication, care for the customer and level of service that I am used to and is commonly demonstrated by many companies these days.

I am very happy with the service experience I received from Mendtronix and highly recommend them as a topnotch service organization!
Sep 22, 2017 Neal McAuley from California, USA
Susan is my rep at Mendtronix and she's a delight to work with. I ask for a quote and within an hour or two, I have a quote. Some of my vendors will take days to get me a quote.

And every order so far has arrived on or before the projected ship date. So that's excellent service.
Sep 7, 2017 Tony from Oregon, USA
Terribly late projector turn-a-round seems to be the new theme from Mendtronix. I shipped my projector Date: May 30, 2017 at 10:29:58 AM PDT and got it back UNREPAIRED Date: July 31, 2017 at 2:30:02 PM PDT, two months later. The projector is under warranty, which Mendtronix handles the for some factories, but they declared they ran out parts. I bought the projector new one year prior, so I was very disappointed. They made me pay for the parts they tried to make fit too!

The way these things work is you buy a service contract from a factory and agree to maintain them during the warranty period for free but it seems they pocketed the money and were not proactive to keep customers taken care of.

I recommend no using this company.
Reply from Mendtronix, Inc.:
Mendtronix appreciates every customer’s comments as we continuously improve our ISO 9001 operations. In this rare situation, the manufacturer has gone out of business. They suddenly stopped all operations which include warranty parts supply. This customer was advised of the likelihood that this would be an unsuccessful repair. We were asked to try anyway. Our efforts included pursuing a cross brand parts possibility which took time but did not work out. We deeply apologize that the customer was not satisfied with the outcome of this repair attempt. Mendtronix made an extraordinary attempt to service the projector under their warranty contract, in this instance the circumstances were just beyond our control.

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