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JVC BlackCrystal JLC47BC3000 Review
47" LCD HDTV, $950


I appreciate the JLC47BC3000 for how well it performs within its display class. But it has not overcome some of the shortcomings common with CCFL backlit LCD TVs.

For example, it simply cannot reproduce the rich, consistent deep blacks that you will see in plasmas or the best LED backlit TVs. And if you sit too far off the ideal viewing angle, the screen tends to wash out.

Of course, neither of these are damning negatives. Only the most persnickity would be put off.


As a counterbalance, the audio quality makes the picture quality seem so much better.

Without spouting specifications, the pair of integrated 10W speakers do a wonderful job of reproducing a fuller range of sound, deeper lows and clearer highs.


The difference is noticeable. If all TVs had a sound system this good, we wouldn't have to scramble for alternatives like soundbars.

Also, JVC includes a few audio enhancements like the SRS StudioSound HD, which does a believable job of creating a surround effect.

With that said, if you really want a true surround experience with discrete audio enveloping you and with deep bass rumbling the room, then you will need a stand-alone 5.1 or 7.1 sound system.


With its CCFL LCD technology, the JVC JLC47BC3000 may seem like a throwback to a bygone era, but this TV produces credible picture quality and incredible audio quality, which makes it a great choice for a stand-alone TV in any room of the house.

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