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Policies at HDTV Solutions

HDTV Solutions will not disclose to any third party any information provided by you at this site without your permission. Some services require you to share a minimum of information in order for others to communicate with you. This information sharing is under your control. The Member Center allows you to view and maintain your information, and to select or deselect services as you require. This area is protected by security checkpoints, including password protection, so others cannot access your registration data.

We do not include in our site any functionality that allows third parties to perform "reverse searches" to identify individuals from e-mail addresses.

We do not use tracking software, such as "cookies," except:

During the registration process, during any session in which you login, or during any session where you have purchased a product or service that grants you access to information for a limited time. This is done as a convenience to you so you can avoid having to re-enter information during a session.

You must accept this cookie in order to gain access to the registered member area. Note: If your browser is set to notify you when you receive a cookie, you'll be asked to accept the cookie yes/no). Choose yes.

We do evaluate site usage by analyzing user information in the aggregate and only in a way that does not identify any individual user. We maintain a secure process for collection, transmission, and storage of member registration information.

Prices for products and services sold on this site are subject to change without notice.

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