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LG 47LW5600 Review
47" Edge-lit LED LCD 3D HDTV, $1699


Usually I am much more concerned - and enamored - with a TV's 2D performance over its 3D PQ. And don't get me wrong the 2D PQ on this 47LW5600 is very good. Not the deep silkiness of a great plasma TV, more the colorful airiness of a refreshing Spring day.

But I really like how it handles 3D Blu-rays like Tron Legacy. If you have read any of my previous reviews, you know that I am not a 3D fanboy.

Still I have come to appreciate the heightened sense of space that can be conveyed by good 3D content. And the 47LW5600 does a consistently fine job of recreating the 3D effect. Is it flawless? No.

LG 47LW5600

In addition, I prefer the passive glasses over the active shutter type, which tire my eyes. (Currently, LG is packaging four sets of 3D glasses with the LW5600 series.)

Of note, when I was watching some 3D Blu-rays like Tron Legacy, I noticed a little glitchy artifact at the edit point between shots. I couldn't figure out what the problem was at first, but then I went into the 3D Mode Setting and switched the 3D Picture Correction setting.

You have two choices, Left/Right or Right/Left. If you are experiencing this artifact choose the other one. Basically, you have to match the 3D display of the TV to how the 3D Blu-ray was mastered.

Now, I mentioned the 2D to 3D feature when viewing still images. You also can apply this video processing trick to 2D movies or TV programs.

Since, the conversion doesn't always work on single images, you can imagine the problems that the elves inside this LG TV have in keeping up with analyzing 30 frames a second.

Go ahead and try it, just don't judge this TV's 3D capabilities by how well it attempts to turn 2D to 3D. The true test is with original content like 3D Blu-rays.

The integrated pair of 10W audio speakers are adequate for general TV watching. But if you plan on watching movies with meticulously crafted soundtracks, do them the honor of a dedicated 5.1 or 7.1 audio system.

LG 47LW5600


The edge-lit LED LG 47LW5600 delivers consistently high quality 2D and 3D performance at a competitive price point. And under its Smart TV banner, LG provides access to not only streaming media providers but also an ever expanding list of apps.

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