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OPPO DV-983H DVD Player Review
1080p Upconverting DVD Player, $399


Dick De Jong
April 9, 2008
HDTV Solutions


OPPO recently announced the release of their new flagship upconverting DVD player, the DV-983H.

In the last couple of years, upconverting DVD players have become popular because of their ability to take standard definition DVDs and output high definition signals suitable for HDTVs and projectors. But to be clear, even though the DV-983H can upconvert up to a 1080p signal, it is not one of the high definition DVD players, Blu-ray or HD-DVD. The DV-983H cannot play either Blu-ray or HD-DVD discs.

OPPO players have garnered a loyal following because of their great video reproduction coupled with a dedication to audio fidelity, which is often overlooked by other manufacturers. I have previously reviewed and praised OPPO's DV-980H and the former king of the hill, the DV-981HD.

The DV-983H combines the best features of its predecessors and then ups the ante with Anchor Bay's latest VRS (Video Reference Series) technologies, including AutoCUE-C, Precision Video Scaling, Progressive Cadence Detection, and Precision Deinterlacing.

Now before we go any further, I must ask, have your eyes already begun to glaze over with this techno-jargon? Or, is your heart racing with the thought of discussing high resolution 192 kHz, 24-bit audio D/A converters?

I try not to exclude readers in my reviews, but the DV-983H falls into the "phile" file of products, as in videophile and audiophile. If you are a phile - a lover - who is willing to pay a premium to pump performance out of your home theater, then join me as I place the DV-983H in the pantheon of upconverting DVD players.

For the rest of you less demanding folks, you will be perfectly well served with OPPO's other offerings. I would hazard to say that only the most discriminating philes will be able appreciate the advantages of the DV-983H, and then only when projected on a big screen or a very, very large HDTV.


Of course, if this image of "the ABT102 chipset (ABT algorithm implemented on a Xilinx SPARTAN XC3S2000-5FG456C FPGA and XCF08PVO48C Platform Flash) and the ABT1018 chip" dilate your pupils as much as Jessica Gomes in a bodypainted swimsuit, then read on.

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