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Queue It Up Sherlock Dick De Jong
June 17, 2011
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I was talking to a co-worker last week and he commented that he could not find anything that he wanted to watch on Netflix. I on the other hand have over 200 selections ready and waiting for me in my Queue.

I fully appreciate the fact that people have different tastes and interests. And simply, Netflix is not for everyone. For example, it just does not offer the full slate of current DVD releases of popular movies that your neighborhood DVD rental store has.

Of course, that handy Blockbuster is probably no longer down the street. And if you want to see True Grit on your HDTV this week, you will need to rent it from Vudu or perhaps your cable's on demand service.

But beyond its Independent Film fare, I find Netflix can be great for finding gems that I either missed in the theater or on TV or occasionally, I never knew existed.

Queue It Up Sherlock

In the spirit of sharing, I decided to offer some of my Netflix Watch Instantly favorites in this new feature that I call "Queue It Up."

For today, I'm beginning with one of those shows that I heard acclaimed when it first played last Fall on PBS, but I never recorded it on my DVR. You can imagine my delight when I discovered that Netflix was streaming the Masterpiece Mystery!: Sherlock: Season 1 - and in HD.

I'm a big Sherlock Holmes fan, from the Arthur Conan Doyle stories through the Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce B-movies up to the redoubtable Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law.

I will not reveal too much about this BBC/Masterpiece Mystery version. Let me say that the series is is co-created and written by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, the writers of Doctor Who. As Moffat has reinvigorated the Dr. Who franchise, he has also breathed new life into the century old Holmes corpus.

First, they relocated Holmes into modern-day London. Perhaps more importantly, they cast Benedict Cumberbatch as the deductive reasoning, Consulting Detective. And as a wonderful counterpoint, Martin Freeman plays Dr. Watson as a slightly bemused, often enthused compatriot.

Queue It Up Sherlock

For me, the pairing is inspired, as is the writing. The one disappointment is that the BBC only commissioned three episodes for Season 1, "A Study in Pink," "The Blind Banker," and "The Great Game." If you are enthralled as I was, you'll be tempted to watch all of them in one sitting.

Happily, the BBC is broadcasting three new shows of Season 2 this Fall. Hopefully, PBS will rebroadcast them in America soon after.

For your instant streaming gratification, Queue Up Season 1 of Sherlock.

Stay tuned.

(Editor's Note: If you have suggestions for this Queue It Up feature, leave a comment below.)

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Reader Comments

Posted Jul 11, 2011 2:12:07 PM

By mirabelle

Oh I can't wait to see this second season! The first was excellent!

Sherlock location on the South bank : http://www.leblogdelamirabelle.net/category/46/47/
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