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Samsung 65JU7500 Review
65" 4K UHD Curved Smart TV, $3799


I recently reviewed the spectacular Samsung 65-inch JS9500 SUHD TV and I must admit that I still have visions of sugar plums dancing in my head.

The picture quality of this JU7500 4K TV is not as good and nor should it be. The JU7500 doesn't have the same Nano-crystal display technology and correspondingly Samsung sells it for about half the price of its flagship JS9500.

With that disclaimer, the picture quality of the JU7500 is excellent, more than good enough to wow the friends gathered for the big game or movie night.

Samsung JU7500

And if your budget can afford it, a 65-inch screen is impressive while not ostentatious. The 78-inch model is just showing off.

(As I mentioned on the first page, the JU7500 review unit that I received displayed a lot of light leakage along the edges of the display. It's very noticeable against the black borders of a letterboxed movie. I consider this unusual for a Samsung TV and chalk it up to rough handling by the shippers. If you encounter this problem, I would return the TV for a replacement.)

The upscaling of HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) to the JU7500's native 4K resolution (3640 x 2160) is consistently good, which is important since native 4K content is still not that common. Though as 2015 progresses, the availability of native 4K material is expanding if not proliferating.

With that said, upscaling can only perform so many miracles on less than stellar standard definition and high definition programs. Don't expect your new UHD TV to resurrect poor quality content.

I have reviewed a number of curved TVs and I'm beginning to like the design aesthetic of the curve, but I still don't believe that the slight arc improves picture quality. Give me the same TV technology in a 65-inch flat screen and I'll happily pocket the price difference.

(The 65-inch Samsung 4K UHD JU7100 Series non-curved TV is on sale right now for about $200 less than the sale price of the curved JU7500.)

As for 3D playback, it's just fine and dandy. I wish that the active shutter glasses weren't required, but the Samsung 3D glasses are light and comfortable.

But 3D is like so 2010, even Samsung seems to think so if the fact that they only include one pair of glasses (instead of four) in the JU7500 box.

As for audio, the addition of two 10W woofers produce a deeper fuller sound then the pair of 10W speakers could normally muster.

Samsung UN65JU7500 Music

Luckily, Samsung sent their new curved HW-J8500 sound bar. Now that component fills the room with the robust audio that this JU7500 65-inch TV deserves.


The Samsung 65-inch JU7500 curved Smart 4K UHD TV apprises itself quite well with excellent picture quality and a bevy of features and apps. Priced in the middle of Samsung's UHD TV lineup, the JU7500 cannot boast the latest Nano-crystal technology of Samsung's SUHD TVs, but its performance should satisfy all but the most exacting videophiles.

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