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VIZIO E55-C2 Review
55" Full-Array LED Smart TV, $629


There is something "comfortable" about the VIZIO E55-C2's picture quality. When set to Calibrated Dark (with Clear Action turned off), this display doesn't shout for attention. Rather, the picture soothes with rich but subtle colors. The images are well defined without being overtly sharp. It's like easing your eyes into a cushy leather club chair.

Occasionally I will notice that a face will be flat, missing some contours, but those moments are fleeting.

Vizio E55-C2

The VIZIO rep declared that they focus on features that consumers care about and obviously 3D capability is not one of those much-loved items because the E-Series - actually all of their 2015 models - cannot playback 3D content.

As for audio, the integrated pair of 15W speakers are serviceable for general TV viewing. But you really should consider, at the very least, pairing this 55-inch TV with a sound bar with subwoofer.

And if you are eyeing the 65 or 70-inch model for home theater use, you definitely need to budget in a separate surround sound system.


With its 2015 E-Series, VIZIO has hit the trifecta, great picture quality (driven by full-array LED backlighting with local dimming), desired features (Wi-fi and popular streaming apps) and a highly competitive price. With that combination, the easy to use VIZIO E55-C2 deservedly earns our Highly Recommended rating.

Vizio E55-C2 Active LED zones

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