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Vogel's All-in-One Pack for the iPad Review
Multiple iPad Mounts, $120

Vogel's All-in-One Pack for the iPad

Dick De Jong
April 20, 2011
HDTV Solutions


I just finished reviewing the new Motorola Xoom tablet and after handling it for a couple of weeks, I was reminded how handy a stand would be, especially when watching a TV show or movie.

After about five minutes of holding a seemingly lightweight tablet in my hands, I swear that every extra second adds another ounce of strain to my forearms. By the end of an hour program, my fingers are failing and my flexors are flagging.

With the All-in-One Pack, Vogel provides three ways to free you from the pain and strain of holding your iPad: a Tablet Stand, a Wall Mount and a Car Mount.

If you don't desire the full mounty, Vogel has repackaged the components to fit your needs. The Starter Pack ($69.99) includes the iPad Holder and Wall Mount; the Home Pack ($79.99) has the Holder, Wall Mount and Table Stand; the Car Pack ($99.99) supplies the Holder, Tablet Stand and Car Mount.

If you want to add on to your system, Vogel also sells individual items separately.

At this time, Vogel only makes Packs specifically for the iPad, iPad 2 and the 7" Samsung Galaxy Tab. In this review, I am focusing the iPad All-in-One Pack.

Out of the Box

Before I begin describing the contents of the All-in-One Pack, let me give kudos to the design of the box itself.

I always appreciate ingenious, elegant solutions to packaging and Vogel does a great job of presenting their product in a stylish as well as practical fashion.

Vogel's All-in-One Pack for the iPad

The box flips open like a book and the items are tucked away in two pull-out drawers. Right from the start, I was impressed by how easy and inviting the usually onerous task of unwrapping was.

The foundation of all the packs is the iPad Holder, which is a hard, matte black, neoprene-like covering that snaps onto the back of the iPad.

It provides an extra measure of protection, especially on the back and corners. The two end edges are open, allowing for connections, speakers and the power button. The top edge has a space for the Volume rocker button and the Screen Rotation lock.

On the back of the holder is the "precision-engineered aluminum ring" into which you attach the various stands and mounts.

Vogel's All-in-One Pack for the iPad

The Table Stand is a two-legged black plastic item that snaps into the holder. You can rotate it 360 degrees allowing you to position your iPad either in portrait or landscape mode.

In its normal position, the stand tilts the iPad back about 10 degrees. I would prefer more flexibility of how much I could tilt the tablet in the stand.

(Vogel is planning a Spring release of a Flip Stand [$19.99], pictured at the end of this review, that connects to the iPad Holder and offers a wider range of angles.)

The other concern I have with the Table Stand is with how you detach it from the holder. According to the instructions, you press down on the shorter leg and the stand will snap loose. I'm always hesitant to apply the necessary pressure on a rigid plastic piece. I'm afraid that it will break.

Vogel's All-in-One Pack for the iPad

The Wall Mount has a much better release system. You push it into the ring to connect it, but you press the thumb tabs on the side of the mount to detach the iPad Holder.

Though, since the mount is only slightly over an inch deep, those with chubby fingers might have trouble reaching around the iPad Holder to squeeze those release tabs.

In the box, Vogel provides a screw and a sheet rock grip. Basically, you screw the mount into the wall and affix the holder to it.

Once again, the mount offers no flexibility in angles. In this case, the iPad is fixed in a perpendicular position to the mount, but you can rotate the tablet 360 degrees.

Vogel's All-in-One Pack for the iPad

(To address that situation, this Summer, Vogel is releasing it's Flex Mount [$59.99] with full tilt and swivel capabilities. Also this Summer, an Adhesive Wall Mount [$29.99] will be available for "places where drilling is not appropriate.")

Finally, the All-in-One Pack includes the Car Mount, which attaches to the front seat head rest, giving your back seat drivers a nifty navigation tool or your are-we-there-yet young'uns a quieting diversion. For your peace of mind and safe driving, be sure to supply ear phones.

The iPad Holder attaches to the Car Mount with the same mechanism as the Wall Mount.

Vogel's All-in-One Pack for the iPad

As a bonus to any and all iPad owners, Vogel has developed a free Wall Times app, that includes three different clock functions for the Living Room, Bedroom and Kitchen. (Search for WallTimes in the App Store.)


At an MSRP of $120, the All-in-One Pack for the iPad might seem a little pricey until you calculate that it includes three mounting solutions as well as an iPad Holder that you can double purpose as an everyday protector.

Also, I just did a quick Internet search and I found this pack for under $100, which makes this 3-in-1 mount system a more appealing value.

If you don't need one of the mounts, like the one for the car, then Vogel offers a variety of slimmed down, less expensive packages.


Vogel's All-in-One Pack for the iPad supplies a protective iPad Holder along with three mounting solutions, Tablet Stand, Wall Mount and Car Mount, in one stylish box. If you prefer more flexibility in tablet positions, then you can wait for this summer's release of Vogel's Flex Mount or the Flip Stand.

Vogel's All-in-One Pack for the iPad

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