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Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America Shows New High Performing, Fully Featured LCD HDTVs

DENVER, Colo., CEDIA Booth 451 — Sept. 13, 2006 — Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc. showcased a new line of LCD HDTVs that features three-chip LCD technology in 52- and 62-inch screen sizes today at CEDIA. Mitsubishi's WD-52531 (52-inch) and WD-62531 (62-inch) were featured in all new compact, high-style designs with thin bezels offering more picture in less space than ever before. Both models boast 1280 x 720 pixel resolution and feature Mitsubishi's exclusive Plush720p® technology that scales and upconverts analog TV signals and deinterlaces 1080i to 720p with precision.

The WD-52531 ($2199) and WD-62531 ($2999) models, which are now available at selected retailers, feature new and improved light engines with 132-watt lamps (producing 20 percent more light than last year's models). Mitsubishi's exclusive LCD light engine features SmartShutter™ to improve contrast ratio by four times for blacker blacks and more shades of dark gray. Large aperture optics improve the efficiency of the Mitsubishi LCD light engine by assuring that more of the available light reaches the screen for a smoother and brighter picture. This new television design also allows for a wider vertical viewing angle so that a bright and detailed picture can be viewed from a multi-level loft or while playing a video game when seated on the floor.

Mitsubishi's 531 series gives a cleaner, clearer picture from nearly any source with its 3D Video Noise Reduction. The 3D Video Noise Reduction system analyzes multiple frames to identify and remove video noise or snow caused by distortions in the video signal. This effectively keeps detail in the foreground and eliminates background noise, even in fast moving scenes. Each Mitsubishi 531 series television also includes three video modes (Brilliant, Bright, and Natural) for optimum viewing in different lighting environments, from bright florescent light to sunlight to low light. Each mode has two color temperature settings, high and low, and is accessible via remote control.

The WD-52531 and WD-62531 both include two HDMI™ inputs and two component inputs for greater connectivity of the latest in HD sources, including HD satellite and cable set-top boxes, HD game and media center PC systems, and the upcoming Blu-ray Disc™ and HD DVD™ sources. Both of these Mitsubishi LCD HDTVs include ClearThought® Easy Connect technology, which makes set-up a breeze by recognizing when a component is connected.

In separate announcements, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America showcased at CEDIA the industry's first 1080p DLP® HDTVs with 6-Color Light Engines and its new lines of 73" 1080p DLP® HDTVs and 1080p LCD Flat Panel HDTVs.

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc.
Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc. manufactures and markets a comprehensive line of premium quality 1080p DLP® HDTVs, LCD HDTVs and 1080p LCD Flat Panel HDTVs. Recognized as the world leader and innovator of large display high-definition televisions, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America builds products that lead the industry in quality, performance and ease-of-use. For additional information about MDEA, visit http://www.mitsubishi-tv.com.

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