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High-Definition, High-Contrast, High-Brightness Monitors for Landscape or Portrait Display

IRVINE, Calif., October 22, 2008 -- Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America's Presentation Products Division, known for award-winning, high-quality presentation and display products, today introduced three new LCD monitors: LDT521V, LDT651P and LDT651L, designed for high-impact visual displays used in conference rooms, digital signage environments, broadcast booths, utility control, security monitoring and other industrial and commercial display venues.

"Our new LCD monitors are built to withstand demanding commercial use while displaying rich color and deep details," said James Chan, senior director, product marketing, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America's Presentation Products Division. "They offer a wide range of features for maximum application and installation flexibility at very competitive prices."

Mitsubishi's LDT521V is a 52-inch diagonal display that can be used in both landscape and portrait modes, and the LDT651L has a 65-inch diagonal display which can be displayed in landscape mode only. The LDT651P can be special-ordered for applications requiring a taller, portrait mode display. All three models offer 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) for clean, crisp details in text or high-definition video. With contrast ratios of up to 2000:1, each monitor shows vibrant colors with explicit details even in dark images.

The LDT521V and LDT651P monitors blast 450 cd/m2 of brightness and the LDT651L 420 cd/m2 of brightness for maximum visibility and image quality even in high ambient light environments like store windows. By minimizing power consumption, these monitors reduce the total overall cost of ownership.

Using robust LCD display technology, Mitsubishi's new monitors produce clean text with virtually no burn-in for clearer images and no visual disturbance Digital zoom is offered on each monitor allowing users access to greater details by enlarging image elements.

Each has a full range of professional AV connectivity for high-resolution analog RGB, digital RBG, HDMI™ and other HD video source inputs for multiple computers, as well as Blu-Ray™ players and security cameras for maximum integration flexibility. Users can also efficiently layer sources for a picture-in-picture mode and see multiple inputs on one screen.

Each Mitsubishi display offers its own scheduling controls for easy planning of on/off operation, presentation timing, image changeovers and more. Accessing features and control information through the display's menu is easy and efficient, and the monitors can also be networked using third-party solutions.

"Our dealers have been asking for larger screen sizes in portrait and landscape formats, and we're meeting their requests with this line expansion," added Chan. "They can now offer their customers more size and specification options in industrial and commercial digital signage venues."

Availability, Warranty
The LDT521V, LDT651P and LDT651L are currently available through authorized Mitsubishi system integrators, distributors and dealers. These monitors are covered by Mitsubishi's Extensive Warranty Program, a limited warranty that includes extended service hours, longer LCD panel warranty coverage and onsite services and repairs from authorized Mitsubishi LCD signage monitor dealers.

About Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America Presentation Products Division Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America's Presentation Products Division markets an extensive line of professional presentation, front-projection high-definition home entertainment, and rear-projection video wall cube display systems and signage monitors that are designed with DLP® or LCD technology Known for their award-winning, high-quality, accurate color reproduction technology, Mitsubishi products are sold through authorized distributors, resellers, retailers and system integrators throughout the United States and Mexico. Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America is located at 9351 Jeronimo Road, Irvine, Calif., 92618. For more information, please call 888-307-0312 or visit http://www.mitsubishi-presentations.com

DLP is a registered trademark of Texas Instruments. HDMI is a trademark of HDMI Licensing, LLC. Blu-ray Disc is a trademark of Blu-ray Disc Association.

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