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Sharp Announces Availability of World's Largest HDTV LC-TV

45-Inch AQUOS™ Digital Cable Ready HDTV Delivers 1080p Picture Quality

INDIANAPOLIS, IN, September 10, 2004 -- Sharp has bolstered its rapidly-expanding family of large-screen, elegantly-designed flat-panel Liquid Crystal TVs with the availability of the world's largest widescreen Digital Cable-Ready HDTV LC-TV, the LC-45GX6U, later this month. The new 45-inch AQUOS model features a built-in CableCARD™ slot for "plug and play" capability, allowing consumers to enjoy the latest cable-TV HDTV programming without the added bulk or expense of an additional set-top box. The LC-45GX6U meets the growing consumer demand for stylish and cutting-edge home entertainment options and further strengthens Sharp's large AQUOS collection, which currently offers consumers the widest selection of screen sizes, speaker configurations and unit colors of LC-TVs.

"Once again Sharp has demonstrated why we are the global leader in Liquid Crystal Television.* We understand what our consumers want and are committed to delivering it," said Bob Scaglione, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Consumer Electronics Group, Sharp. "The new AQUOS 45-inch integrated HDTV is designed for the consumer who wants outstanding picture quality with an effortless set-up."

The LC-45GX6U is not only the world's largest widescreen HDTV LC-TV, it is also the first one to deliver a 1080p (progressive) image, the pinnacle of the high definition TV standards. The television offers a bright 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution with improved contrast and faster response time, and uses Sharp's proprietary advanced CV-IC System III video processing circuit to upconvert 1080i (interlaced) and 720p signals to the finer image. The LC-45GX6U is compatible with the new Digital Cable Ready specifications, so that consumers can simply insert the CableCARD™ from their cable-TV company and enjoy high-definition TV without the need for an outboard set-top box. The LC-45GX6U also features an enhanced color filter that improves color reproduction and when coupled with the optimal color temperature settings, allows consumers to adjust the monitor for the richest color performance.

The LC-45GX6U marks the introduction of the largest screen size to the AQUOS family, expanding the already numerous selections currently available to consumers. The LC-45GX6U has a striking titanium finish with a high-quality built-in 1-Bit™ digital audio amplifier and removable speakers built-in under the screen. It also has a PC Card slot for viewing digital stills (taken by digital camera for example) and MPEG4 video, as well as an advanced HDMI connection for the latest digital sources on the separate Audio Video Computer (AVC) system. Additional Digital Cable-Ready AQUOS models are available in 26-, 32- and 37-inch screen sizes.

"Our AQUOS G-series LC-TVs are one-stop HDTV solutions for the fast-growing Liquid Crystal TV market," said Scaglione. "Sharp created the category with the introduction of Liquid Crystal televisions in the late 1990s and has invested 100 billion yen in a new state-of-the-art factory in Kameyama, Japan, where the integrated manufacture of LCD panels to LC-TVs is implemented. This sixth-generation facility is fully operational and has already installed a second production line, which has roughly doubled the plant's substrate output since its opening in January 2004. No other factory comes close in its ability to meet the demands of sophisticated consumers who want the largest high-quality flat-panel TVs."

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