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Samsung PN51E6500 Review
51" Plasma 3D HDTV, $1519

Highly Recommended

Dick De Jong
February 21, 2013
HDTV Solutions

Samsung PN51E6500

The Samsung PN51E6500 TV has renewed my faith in plasma displays.

This 3D Smart TV is feature laden while being a breeze to use. And the picture quality of the plasma is rich, smooth and easy on the eyes.

What more do you need from a TV. Yes, it could be less expensive and at the same time more expansive. To that latter desire, Samsung does offer a 60-inch version of the E6500 series if your budget can stretch that far.

(Editor's Note: Since the 60-inch PN60E6500 has similar specifications to the PN51E6500, this review can apply to both plasma models.)

Our Star Ratings
Performance: 4.54.5 Star Rating
The picture quality of this plasma display is not flashy like some hyperactive LEDs, and that is just the way I like it, sumptuous and subtle. To lift the audio quality to that video level plan on matching the TV with a separate dedicated speaker system.
Features: 4.5 4.5 Star Rating
Samsung has packed this 3D Smart TV with enough features and apps to keep you occupied and satisfied. Just as important, the PN51E6500 is not overburdened with options like voice and motion controls that get in the way of enjoying the TV.
Ease of Use: 4.5 4.5 Star Rating
The initial setup of the TV is 1-2-3 painless and the normal operation is easy. Do expect to spend some time exploring all the Smart TV options.
Value: 4.5 5.5 Star Rating
At the time of this review, you can purchase the PN51E6500 on the Samsung site for $1299. And I'm seeing it for a little over $1200 on Amazon. Considering the combination of quality and features, this is a reasonable price. Therefore, I might be dreaming when I say that I wish it were less than $1000. Now that would be a true 5 Star bargain for this 51-inch plasma TV.
Star Ratings Description
Ratings are relative to when the review was written. The obvious example is Value, what you could purchase for $2000 two years ago or even two months ago would seem like a bad value for that price now. We give very few 5 Star ratings, which we reserve for truly outstanding accomplishment.

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