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Samsung UN48H5500 Review
48" LED Smart TV, $749

Samsung UN48H5500 Smart TV

Richard De Jong
October 27, 2014
HDTV Solutions

In today's marketplace populated with premium-priced, feature-rich HDTVs, the Samsung 48H5500 offers a refreshing, well-performing, easier-on-the-wallet alternative.

Think of the 48H5500 as a modern day blue collar Joe or Josephine. The H5500 series TVs don't supply high-end items like an integrated camera or voice activation or even 3D playback, but the models do deliver a good looking picture.

Of course in 2014, any self-respecting TV like the 48H5500 will provide integrated Wi-Fi and a long, long list of apps and streaming content partners.

If you are searching for a solid, medium-sized, no-nonsense Smart TV, then the Samsung H5500 Series should be on your list.

(Editor's Note: Currently Samsung makes four sizes of the H5500 series of Smart TVs, this 48-inch model and its 32 (32H5500), 40 (40H5500) and 50-inch (50H5500) kin. Since all four possess similar specifications, this review can apply to all of them.)

Our Star Ratings
Performance: 3.53.5 Star Rating
The standard for picture quality is constantly rising. A couple of years ago, a display like the Samsung 48H5500's would definitely have earned a 4.0 if not higher. Audio performance is firmly in the 3.5 range.
Features:4.0 4.0 Star Rating
The major features missing from the H5500 series (3D playback, voice recognition, motion control and a built-in camera) are not essential for enjoying a TV. As for the Smart TV features, Samsung has included all of the necessary bits, integrated Wi-Fi, apps galore, and Internet content providers like Netflix and YouTube.
Ease of Use: 4.5 4.5 Star Rating
By taking out some of the features, Samsung has made the 48H5500 easier to use.
Value: 4.0 4.0 Star Rating
On their website, Samsung lists the suggested price for this 48-inch 48H5500 HDTV as $1079. Currently they have it marked down to $749, which is in line with online retailers. Even at that reduced price, you can definitely find similarly-sized TVs. The features and performance of this Samsung Smart TV make it a good value. This holiday season perhaps we will see a deeper Black Friday reduction that would make the 48H5500 a real bargain.
Star Ratings Description
Ratings are relative to when the review was written. The obvious example is Value, what you could purchase for $2000 two years ago or even two months ago would seem like a bad value for that price now. We give very few 5 Star ratings, which we reserve for truly outstanding accomplishment.

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