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Westinghouse LD-4655VX LCD TV (LD4655VX)

46" diagonal, 16:9, $799 MSRP Add to Compare List

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Westinghouse LD-4655VX LCD TV
User Rating 

4 User Reviews Rated 2.7
Image Quality 3.5
Features 2.8
Construction 3.3
Ease of Use 3.0
Reliability 1.8
Value for Money 2.0

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Westinghouse LD-4655VX LCD TV Reviews
4 User Reviews
Apr 6, 2013 zephyrsman
    My stepson bought this TV for my wife and I for Christmas 2011. It lasted until...
Nov 29, 2012 Rand
    Mine lasted about six months before the picture developed a shadow on the screen...
Jan 4, 2012 moviewatcher
    I moved up from a first gen 42" 720p lcd to the Westinghouse LD-4655vx in Novemb...
Aug 20, 2011 Nomorewestinghouse
    Worst television I have ever experienced. I recently purchased the Westinghou...
Apr 06, 2013 zephyrsman 2.2
Image Quality 3.0
Features 3.0
Construction 2.0
Ease of Use 3.0
Reliability 1.0
Value for Money 1.0

My Experience: My stepson bought this TV for my wife and I for Christmas 2011. It lasted until about a couple of weeks ago. I pushed the "Watch TV" button on my remote. The "W" came on the screen, the little box came on, and then it shut off. He bought the TV at Best Buy, so we took it there. (He didn't purchase the extended warranty, unfortunately.) They sent it off to see how much it would cost to repair it, and that cost more than the original purchase price. We told them to sent it back to us like it was. Not even worth it. This particular brands model is a piece of garbage. I would not recommend this TV to anyone. Not even my worst enemy.

Problems: Came on, shutdown, and never came back on.
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