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HDTV Buying Guide
Picture Quality

Dick De Jong
April 20, 2013
HDTV Solutions

For me, the foundation for judging any HDTV is picture quality, which cannot be reduced to one characteristic like sharpness or contrast or color. Picture quality is a combination of all those and more. It's the gestalt.

When you experience great picture quality, you'll nod your head and think, "Damn, that's what all this hubbub over HDTVs is about."

The problem is that picture quality is subjective. For example, I'm particularly sensitive to overly colorful skin tones, so a pleasing picture to me may seem way too desaturated to you.

In my reviews, I will give you my opinion about a TV's picture quality, but you're the one that has to live with your choice. And the real fly in the ointment is that it is really difficult for you to judge a TV's picture quality by strolling through the HDTV aisles in a big box store - even harder online.

Samsung PN51E6500

Samsung PN51E6500 Received Our Highly Recommended Rating

If you are assertive enough, I would suggest that you carry your favorite DVD with you and find a store that you can play it on a few TVs. I know that idea causes dread in the hearts of salesmen; but if you are seriously shopping, then they should be glad to help.

HDTV Highly Recommended

One last thing before we continue. This is a guide. I will not tell you which specific HDTV to buy. There are way too many HDTV models out in the marketplace and I only feel comfortable recommending TVs that I have reviewed. If you want specific suggestions from me, look for the Highly Recommended logo on a review.

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Reader Comments(3 comments)

Posted Feb 15, 2010 9:32:43 AM


j' ai un appareil TV BANG OLUFSEN beovision 7700 Type 3333 N° série 2508097. je souhaiterais connaitre son année de fabrication, car avec un décodeur TNT l' image est triplée ....est-il compatible avec cet appareil ? Merci de votre attention.
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